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My huge thanks to all of the wonderful friends who helped me to get to Cardiff last year where I successfully completed my Master of Arts at the Wales International Academy of Voice! Since then I am very happy to say that I took over the title role in Opera Brava's production of Tosca!

Besides the wonderful world of Opera, I am incredibly blessed to be working with Music in Hospitals, a truly wonderful charity who understand and use the power of music to help those in all manner of situations. We perform concerts of the highest quality but take them to hospitals, residential homes, schools and care homes and break down the barriers between performers and audiences. Through music we are able to share the most incredible joy and love you could imagine with people who literally light up as a result. The effects are astonishing, people with limited or even no physical ability to communicate are able to engage emotionally and rhythmically, people who barely remember their names can often sing along with every word whilst those who struggle to focus attention or experience great agitation, suddenly calm.

I can't possibly explain how precious and vital this work is and I would love for you to read a little more and indeed spread the word as far and wide as possible. For all of the frivolity associated with performing arts, it is so important that we realise the power they have to offer, the gift of 'sharing joy through live music' is one that Music in Hospitals makes very real.

Thank you again for your continued support, I am eternally grateful,

P.S. I also have a CD available to purchase here.


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